From the Desk of NCHPE 2015 Organizers

 It is our proud privilege, as the organizing committee, to invite you to the 7th National Conference on Health Professions Education (NCHPE) at MAMC, New Delhi, from 18-21 November, 2015.

 Our institution, which has been at the forefront of medical education initiatives since the 1980s, wishes to underscore the importance of the Health Professions Education movement by holding this conference. With the conference theme of "Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Health Professions Education", we hope to explore the vast realms of this extremel important area in the current context.

 India has significantly lower number of doctors and other allied health workers as per recommended global norms. The current doctor population ratio is 1: 1700. An effort is being made to bring up the ratio to 1: 1000. To bring about this change, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has decided to increase the number of seats, either by increasing the numbers in already existing medical colleges or by establishing new medical colleges.

 Needless to say, reform in regulatory oversight in terms of Quality Assurance has to align with delivery of health care in our country. Therefore, this conference is an effort to bring the national and international experts together to discuss, deliberate and devise possible ways to assure quality in medical education.

 Role of Accreditation in the medical education, which is the need of the hour, will also be discussed during the conference. Not only the medical education practitioners will find the guidelines emerging during the conference useful for incorporation in their own setting, the medical education researchers will also be exposed to the latest concepts from both national and international experts.

 We hope the pleasant November weather will whet your appetite, both for the scientific feast as well as the multitude of supplementary activities on offer.

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